Jackass 3D

I’m not going to say that the new Jackass in 3D is the best or funniest
movie I have seen in a while, but that gang of buddies is just insane
and is still having the time of their lives. The stunts are hilarious,
crazier, and more disgusting than ever; especially in 3D. Johnny
Knoxville, although getting up there in age still puts on a good
performance as head honcho of the knuckleheads. The 3D definitely adds
a little more of an edge to this ultimate slapstick series. There was
enough stunts that it didn’t feel like you were getting ripped off by
it being way too short. I hope this is their last movie they make so
they can go out on top with out having too much gray hair. Definitely a
funny movie and worthwhile when you’re just not in the mood for that
serious drama.

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