Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Comedy,Horror Zombieland: A cheap thrill ride you will love!

Zombieland: A cheap thrill ride you will love!

Zombieland review

Before going to see Zombieland, (or review it for that matter), you have to understand what the point of this movie really is. It is not a movie like “A Beautiful Mind” or “No Country for Old Men” where you would leave the theatre thinking to yourself “Woah, that was really interesting” and pondering various themes and ideas the movie gave you the whole way home. This is the type were you and your three almost-inebriated friends throw your favourite bloody action scenes at each other all the way home.

Now that we know exactly how you should be looking at this movie, i’d be happy to let you know it lives up to its bloody-crazed name. Zombieland, directed by the feature film virgin Ruben Fleischer, finds us looking at the main character, Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg), and his neurotic list of rules to survive the recent zombie apocalypse. Hilarious from the get-go, it gets even funnier when he meets up with Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson), who is Columbus’ complete opposite, and a bit later with the other key female component of their team: the super-hot Wichita (Emma Stone), and the “innocent” Little Rock (Abigail Breslin), (who give the boys a few surprises when they first bump into each other). Little Rock and Wichita have trust issues that play a part throughout the movie, and are determined to stay together, survive, and not let anyone mess that up for them.

The whole purpose of these people’s journey is to get from where they are, to somewhere that is not zombie-infested, so they are on the road throughout the movie. This is great as it gives them ample to time kick zombie ass wherever they go. This seemingly repetitive zombie-killing may have you thinking whats better about Zombieland compared to any other zombie killing movie? It’s special because it knows how to balance horror and comedy. The typical audience will be laughing at the way some zombie just got brutally killed. This gives it an awkward but still hilarious edge that is rarely found in traditional horror films.

Their many adventures span the whole movie and are all very exciting, to compensate for the rather bleak storyline…but we’ve already established that the storyline shouldn’t be the reason that you’re necessarily watching the movie. The effects are amazing. The sound in the theatre is explosive. The actors play their roles almost flawlessly occasionally even manipulating your feelings in the audience (usual for this type of movie). If you really try, you could find holes in the story, or alternatives that the characters could have taken to ensure an objective and victory, but again that isn’t really the point. At the end if someone asked, “you did you have a kick-ass ride?” and you respond “yes”: the movie is a success.

To wrap this up into four simple words: Go see this movie. Grab your mates, chaps, lads, bros, pals, or buddies, get good seats, and I assure you this will be a hilarious ride you will not forget for a long time… maybe until the [zombie] apocalpyse

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