Fools Rush In

Fools Rush In is a 1997 romantic comedy starring Matthew Perry and Salma Hayek and directed by Andy Tennant. Its based upon a romantic entanglement of a Mexican girl and a New Yorker and is set in the beautiful city of Las Vegas.

The movie starts with Alex Whitman(Perry) getting a project in Vegas of monitoring the construction of a night club. There in a Mexican restaurant he meets the extremely hot Isabelle Fuentes (Hayek). Sparks fly and they end up having a one night stand. Three months later they meet again and we discover that Isabelle is pregnant with Alex’s child. Alex then out of immature love proposes Isabelle and they marry. The rest of the story is a clash of cultures and families and self-interests which will go on to harm the marriage of Alex and Isabelle.

Now the basic idea of the movie is simple and the story-line is predictable and its nothing that you havent seen before. The direction is average but as this is Tennant’s second movie as a director he doesnt disappoint. The thing here that makes the movie work is the acting by Perry and Hayek. Both of them make their characters believable and share an amazing on-screen chemistry. Salma Hayek gives an amazing performance. But the performance by Perry takes the cake here.  I have always loved Matthew Perry as an actor and i seriously feel that he should act in more movies. He is an amazing actor who makes his character believable and endearing.

Now rest everything about the movie here is strictly average. The script hardly springs any surprises and you can literally predict how the movie is going to unfold.  How many times have we seen this in movies that two lovers separate because of differences and then realize that they cannot live without each other?! The only USP about this movie is the acting. The background score is good which is usual for all Tennant movies and so is the editing.

So i would give this movie 2 and a half stars. The movie has nothing new to offer content wise. But if you are a rom-com fan or a Matthew Perry or Salma Hayek fan you may like this movie.

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