A  “Kiran Bernard Kutinha”  review.

“You can be a dead hero or a live coward”.

If that quote was to apply to this movie, I would disagree. This movie will live for a long long time to come. “Public Enemies” a Michael Mann film starring Johnny Depp as John Dillinger, Marion Cotillard as Billie Frechette, Christian Bale as Melvin Purvis and the long list continues. This is an everlasting crime/ drama/ thriller based on the life of John Herbert Dillinger set around the era of the great depression which led to the creation of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

John Dillinger the man you will hate to dislike in this movie is portrayed as a person with passion towards what he does best and that is rob banks.
 1933- IT IS THE FOURTH YEAR OF THE GREAT DEPRESSION, FOR JOHN DILLINGER, ALVIN KARPIS AND BABY FACE NELSON IT IS THE GOLDEN AGE OF BANK ROBBERY.The movie begins with Dillinger being brought to prison as a prisoner on being transferred to Indiana State Penitentiary, but by none other than his partner in crime John Hamilton under disguise only to free the other gang members. From here begins the cat and mouse chase of trying to catch Dillinger for his over a dozen bank robberies and police killings. He also, along the way meets and falls in love with Billie Frechette who later on gets convicted as an accomplice and is charged for harboring Dillinger. Melvin Purvis is promoted and assigned to hunt down Dillinger after his successful execution of another notorious bank robber named Pretty Boy Floyd. For a viewer with no actual historical knowledge of the character, one might hope for a happy go ending but we cannot help the occurrence of the inevitable.

A fine director like Michael Mann with some memorable movies like – The Kingdom, Miami Vice, Collateral and Heat has failed to do justice even with a run time of 140 minutes in the portrayal of Dillinger’s character. We never get to see the said subject of the movie idolized as the modern day Robin Hood character in Dillinger except for one or two instances of kindness he displays to his hostages. Yet Mann has done a fine job with the direction and style of film making with his trademark high definition night shots put together with some realistic “The Tommy Gun” gun fights. The visibility of the dramatization of certain events including the conclusion is evident but it’s forgivable as it is done for the commercialization of the film.

Actors either make or break a film and this one is no exception. With a smooth acting performance by Johnny Depp and Christian Bale  it makes you wonder how long do they take to study and get into the suit of the characters they play which makes them without a doubt the most admired actors of today.

With some splendid acting, directing and gun fight action scenes adequately complemented by some powerful gun fire sounds; this movie is most definitely a great watch.

Although it does lacks the more in-depth insight into the life of Dillinger , it still sure is a good bet to put your money into.3.5 out of 5 is on me for this one.

“Bye-Bye, Blackbird”.