Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Drama The Crossing Guard (1995)

The Crossing Guard (1995)

The Crossing Guard is a movie about revenge and what it takes to carry out the act. Directed by Sean Penn and starring Jack Nicholson, Anjelica Huston, David Morse and Robbie Robertson.

Freddy (Jack Nicholson) the father and Mary (Anjelica Huston) the mother are divorced. Freddy is angry and depressed, he is a womanizer, a boozer and owns a jewelry store. Freddy frequents strip clubs and then takes the women home with him for a one night stand. Mary has remarried a man named Roger (Robbie Robertson), She has two sons and attends a support group for parents who has lost their children due to drunk driving. Freddy and Mary once had a perfect happy marriage, But that all disappeared when there daughter was tragically taken from them. The man who took their daughter away from the happy couple was a drunk driver. A drunk driver that changed the two forever was a man named John Booth (David Morse). John was sentenced to five years in the California state prison for manslaughter. Freddy is waiting for a special day to come. That day is January seventeenth, the day John Booth gets out of jail after five long years. There is only one thing on Freedy’s mind and that thing is revenge.

This movie is definitely a drama, but even for a story driven drama the pacing is very slow. Not allot of action in this tale of revenge. Jack Nicholson portrays a very misguided Freddy with a great passion and commitment. Anjelica Huston is also great to watch as the grief stricken Mary. The two well known actors are great to watch as they bicker and fight back and fourth when ever they see each other. The director Sean Penn does an amazing job at directing the movie, the way he captures each intense moment between the actors, but the intense moments are far and few between. Sean Penn is also the writer of this very slow movie, it is well written and all but there is not allot to watch.

The downfall of this movie is plan and simple to explain. It is very boring. The actual story is great and all but the story just progresses so slowly that you kind of lose interest in these characters all together. Another downfall to The Crossing Guard is the nudity. And trust me I am a huge fan a nudity in movies, but in this case it kind of took away from the dramatic aspect of the film. Even though the main character frequents strip clubs there is no need to show all the nudity surrounding those scenes. It kind of downgraded the movie quality for me.

My recommendation for The Crossing Guard is PASS. There is far better drama driven storyline’s out there than this film. The Crossing Guard  contains nudity, sexual situations, adult language and adult subject matter. Children be warned. Take you’re revenge on this movie by looking the other way and selecting another movie on the shelf.

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