Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Drama,Romance “The Fall” – “Dawn of an Indian Filmmaker”

“The Fall” – “Dawn of an Indian Filmmaker”

The Fall is undoubtedly one of the best movies ever made. There is hardly a field of film making that has been short of excellence. This master piece of fantasy encompasses the love of life in its utmost true form – “Imagination”.The Fall is a journey of an adult and a child into the world of fiction where words turn into reality. Alexandria (Catinca Untaru) meets Roy Walker( Lee Pace) in a hospital where both of them are undergoing treatment. Roy, a movie stuntman, in quest of impressing little Alexandria narrates a story to her which is part fictional and part realistic as the characters in the story take their course on whims of their masters based on events in real life. Roy who suffers from heart ache due to his recent break-up with his girfriend finds solace in interacting with Alexandria and through the bonding finds wisdom and true love. Alexandria helps him see through his human emotions and undoubtedly proves the point that “Child is father of the man”.Tansem Singh brings into action a tale of fantasy with such ease, which I felt looked like riding a bicycle hiding the beauty of effort put into the exercise. He does an excellent job in giving life to imagination with a mixture of beauty, melody, harmony, pain and most of all innocence. He has done a great job as a director and I am more than glad to mention that he has, in his unique fashion surpassed all his Indian predecessors in the art of movie making.Catinca Untaru is exceptional and she moves one’s heart with her sweet smile. The Cinematography of the movie has been exceptional and locations from India (Udaipur & Jaipur) bring such splendour to this story. If you haven’t watched it yet, you should. Especially all Indian Hollywood fans would love the work Tansem Singh has brought on screen and I firmly believe that this motion picture has set the dawn of Indian filmmakers on today’s global cinema.

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