The Brothers Bloom


The movie is like a romanticized mix of Bonnie and Clyde convoluted withocean’s 12. The result is a wonderful comedy/romance/thriller/tragedy (?) …

I love the warm aura that this film evokes; as if we are somewhere in Tuscany on a misty afternoon listening to an accordion played in front of a fireplace. What I mean to say is that the mood evoked in this movie is very romantic, fitting for the gentleman thief’s played by Adrien Brody and Mark ruffalo.

The film is about Stephen (Mark ruffalo) and Bloom (Adrien Brody); brothers who have been orphans from infancy. Wandering from one dwelling to the next until they finally find their knack- thievery. From then on they become gentleman thieves; Stephen concocting and staging plots, conning victims out of their livelihoods. Up until now, brother Bloom has been like the lackey following Stephens’s plots. As an actor in a play Bloom is the protagonist in each plot, the innocent happening that accomplishes Stephens’s designs. Everything crescendos when bloom decides he’s tired of living a life of thievery, “tired of waking up next to someone who really doesn’t know him”.


Some months later Stephen finds the sequestered bloom in his hide out on the Island of Montenegro. He wants bloom to pull one more job with him and then there will be an end to the life of gentleman thief’s… or will there? This is where the comedy begins, with the acquaintance of their next job Penelope (Rachel Weisz). A wealthy young and beautiful heiress of a vast fortune. Lonely and bored with herself. The Brothers Bloom are here to change that state of affairs in a raucous adventure that will provide you with the full range of emotions, in a film you can watch again and again, and again.

Mark Ruffalo is excellent in this film; I really love the vibes we get from him. He’s like Jack sparrow of Pirates of the Caribbean contemporized jazzercised and polished. He’s like a younger Columbo, except he’s on the other side of justice.


Another thing that I loved about this film was the wardrobe. Everyone had this Ralph Lauren / Burberry/ Gucci thing going on. Very gentlemanly attire. Especially stylish was the brother’s female cohort, the beautiful “Bang Bang”(rinko Kikuchi) ,who struts her stuff in a very fashionable way. As a side note it’s sort of funny when in the movie Ruffalo describes her as their “fifth Beatle”; her name actually is Rinko (Babel), which sounds a little like Ringo…

 Anyway I really enjoyed this film; don’t miss this movie, which I think deserves a place within the library of great heist films.

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