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(500) Days of Bummer

Churned out insipid rom-com staring the king and queen of indie that could be a love story or not?It was never my desire to write a negative movie review i even thought about going to see the repeat of ” Its a wonderful life” at my local cinema, Though cheating myself i could come home and enchant you with words of beauty and images of endless glittering skies and fill your ears with bellies of laughter , but it seems to be the desire of writers and newcomers Scott Neustadter,  Michael H. Weber and Director Marc Webb that i have to go over this again like a scene from “Saw”. Leaving me the choice to lie and write a review about ” Its a wonderful life” or swallow this elephant sized pineapple and dissect the film (500) Days of Summer.Like the movie you can start where ever you like. Given the reason for the movie’s existence is never actually explained “Why they break up” don’t worry that’s not a spoiler! Its hard to follow the movie back and fourth especially when they throw in “High School Musical” dance scenes and terrible downer Brit pop references that have now literally been done to death.The movie starts with a bang and that is it. The rest treacle’s slowly through a sieve with quirky jokes and bad interpretations of great movies like High Fidelity, The Garden State and a  teeeeny weeny bit of Amelie.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is Tom a greeting cards writer desperate on finding true love, who subsequently can only operate at his full potential when he has Summer in his life.Zooey Deschannel plays the heart-breaker stuck in the 60’s with a soft spot for staring with those big blue eyes and wearing those “just about see through dresses”. The audience in the movie have to watch poor Tom unwarily walk barefoot over glass the whole time as Summer takes takes takes. Entertainment it is to watch someone else suffer the the vice of love, you really do know what your in for, from the moment the movie starts.The movie moves up down left right from triumph to tribulation going through many of the things us everyday folk go through. Except Summer never smiles. Upon every Tom smile there is a gaze and when his bench warming sister is called in for advice and has the advice only a father would give to his son

.My reckoning is that the cast of this movie all lost a bet to the devil and this is payback. The supporting cast of Tom’s friends don’t even deserve a mention. Wait to borrow this movie from a friend and watch it with your dog or go all out and  keep you pennies a while longer and just buy the soundtrack. Maybe you want to know why people in libraries and parks are shouting Penis at the top of there voices? maybe this film will live on through the satisfaction of your curiosity.

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  1. I respectfully disagree. Although your review was a bit confusing to begin with, I find the general gist of your argument that 500 Days of Summer didn’t stand true to the Rom-Com expectations. Personally, I thought it exceeded Rom-Com expectations, and brought us out of the cheesy love era into a tough love era.

  2. At first viewing, I really enjoyed 500 days of summer, especially the soundtrack and original approach to the over-done genre that is rom-com. Yet upon watching it again, everything that I had cherished before became annoying, whiny and untrue. Shame.

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