Unplanned’s true story strikes at the very heart of the abortion debate.

It’s one thing to create a work of fiction on a hot button subject, but something else entirely when a real person actually experiences that subject, and despite the emotional pain, can still convey the truth about what they have gone through regarding that subject that no one else could possibly know, or even imagine. Unless they themselves have experienced the exact same thing. The only essential difference is real life.

Abby Johnson experienced the real life subject of abortion. So real, it made an explosive emotional impact on her life as a pro-choicer. Her gruesome encounter, which no person should ever have to witness, is certainly indicative of a horrible truth about abortion,despite the aggressive controversy.

Solidly based upon her Retailers Choice Award winning tome, Ms. Johnson’s “Unplanned” gives pro-life activists an unstoppable rush of adrenaline coupled with absolute confidence in their cause. Naturally, the movie cannot help it’s proverbial preaching to the choir, much to the chagrin of the pro-choice opposition. Notwithstanding, Unplanned’s tone is certainly uncompromising in it’s message.

Ashley Bratcher’s Abby Johnson is perfectly content working for Planned Parenthood for eight years. Her branch is nestled in the small town of Bryan, Texas, where she has risen to the rare, and prestigious rank of youngest director in the organization, and has no compunctions or regrets about what she does or providing the necessary health care that women need. That is, until one fateful day, she is asked to assist in an actual abortion procedure, checking out just precisely what she’s been “content” with as a top employee of Planned Parenthood. And she doesn’t exactly like it.

What she witnesses galvanizes her senses, forcing her mind to accept a shocking reality she had merely taken for granted for nearly a decade-the actual aborting of a human fetus. Her eyes, now wide open enough to see the inhumanity, she immediately turns to the pro-life side.

Naturally, this transition is certainly not a cake walk. Just as the Apostle Paul’s Damascus Road conversion to real Christianity, and preaching the true gospel was not exactly appreciated by his religious colleagues, Abby’s defection does make former compadres, bitter enemies. This includes Planned Parenthood exec Cheryl (Robia Scott), who also quickly transitions from a close ally to a bitter viper.

No matter how much one-sided pro-choicers, or any other members of religious sects, or non religious people, strongly believe Unplanned is, you still can’t help being drawn and engaged by it’s apparent message to women to say “No” to ending their unborn child’s life. If one can suspend their hardcore convictions, keep an open mind , and remain objective, the pic is quite thought provoking.

Talented actress, and former middle school teacher Ms. Bratcher, who is no stranger to roles involving uplift and redemption, is quite convincing as Abby – on both sides of the aisle. Her performance is equal to any professional Hollywood actress working today, portraying Abby as totally 3 dimensional.

Apparently, Chuck Konzelman and Corey Solomon have the right chemistry, collaborating as directors and writers on one other faith based movie which has reached franchise status, “God’s Not Dead.” And regardless of how controversial the subject matter may be for this addition to their filmography, Unplanned’s dramatic adaptation still makes for interesting viewing.

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