Director: Stewart Hendler 

Cast: Briana Evigan, Rumer Willis, Leah Pipes, Jamie Chung, Margo Harshman, and Carrie Fisher. 

Plot:  “You cheat on one Theta, you cheat on us all” says royal bitch Jessica (Leah Pipes) when her and a few of her sisters find out that a certain boy, Garrett (Matt O’Leary), has cheated on one of them. So the girls hatch up a plan to teach the boy a lesson. The girl, Megan (Audrina Patridge), pretends to overdose from pills that Garrett slipped into her drink. Him and the girls panic and head off to the hospital. On the way there the girls lie and tell him that she’s dead and they need to get rid of the body. They go to an abandoned mine area and try to figure out what to do. While trying to figure out a way to tell him its only a joke, Garrett takes things into his own hands and finishes the job. He takes a tire iron and kills Megan now making him a murderer and the girls accomplices. They decide to despose of the body and to never talk about this night again. Jump to the end of the scool year when the girls are graduating. All the girls involved get texts messages with someone holding a tire iron. Jessica assumes its Garrett and tells the girls theres nothing to worry about. Sure enough the girls start dying off one by one. Who’s doing this and how did they find out?

Breakdown: The story here is nothing new and while that doesn’t matter much and they could still make a good movie out of it, they don’t fail miserably. This movie follows a lot of cliches that take place in most other generic horror movies that have come out in the last 5 years. Killer? Its pretty obvious in certain scenes who the killer will turn out to be in the end. Kills? All the kills in this movie are at best mediocre and didn’t take too much thought or creativity. The filmmakers rely to much on blood, gore, and making the characters look like complete idiots the entire length of the movie.

Performances: Another cliche of the movie is the stupidity of our main characters. In horror movies the females really aren’t given much to do and when you have cast that is all girls then that doesn’t help. Briana Evigan proves once again that she really is a poor actress. After also proving she’s a mediocre dancer in Step Up 2: The Streets, Briana takes the lead role here and really doesn’t do much. Margo Harshman and Jamie Chung aren’t given a whole lot to do either. Harshman is basically an alcoholic slut and Chung is just another pretty girl. Leah Pipes plays the bitch pretty well but what actress couldn’t? Rumer Willis does decent work as the girl who is completely freaked out by the whole situation. And I have to say I was disappointed to see the great Carrie Fisher in a nothing role like this.

Overall: In the end, Sorority Row is another generic, cliched horror movie that offers nothing new and doesn’t have much to say good things about.