I’ll say it. I hate Tucker Max. He is a reprehensible, self-righteous, unfunny man. It is a shame that he is making a living off of a book and film that are both so equally vapid. His book, I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, is a chronicle of his exploits, that really serve no higher purpose, so why it was written, I’m not sure. Maybe he thought that the things he does is just so funny that the had to share it with the world. It’s just a shame that they really are not all that funny. If I thought the book was bad, now we have the movie, which is essentially DOA. It barely covers the book, but takes a small piece of it, and drags it out for the 105 minute run time.

Matt Czuchry stars as Tucker Max. His best friend, Dan (Geoff Stults) is soon to be married, and of course Tucker wants to throw him the worlds greatest bachelor party. So Dan, Tucker and their annoying sidekick friend Drew (Jesse Bradford) set off for Salem so Tucker can experience the strip club of his dreams.

As one would expect, things go wrong on the trip. First off, Dan’s fiancee, Kristy(Keri Lynn Pratt) did not want Dan to go on this trip. Would the wishes of Dan’s future wife stop Tucker for going to the strip club of his dreams? Absolutely not.

Everything that goes wrong is mainly due to the self-centered Tucker not really caring about anyone but himself. Tucker marches to the beat of his own drum, not really caring who gets hurt along the way. Never does he stop and think about the consequences of his actions.

The film reaches a predictable, and extremely forced character arc that is only brought about by one of the most disgusting scenes in recent film history. Still, once Tucker attempts to change his selfish ways, we sit back and wonder if he really is even sincere, or just smooth talking his way out of something else.

If the overly familiar plot sounds like something you may have seen recently, you have. This summer the surprise comedy hit, The Hangover dealt with the same premise, but was much more lively, fun and good spirited. I didn’t love The Hangover, but would watch it many times over if the world could rid itself of I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell.

I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell is awful, plain and simple. After experiencing the book, I never thought this had the makings of a movie, because I never really thought the material was strong enough or important enough to make a book.

I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell
Directed by: Bob Gossee
Starring: Matt Czuchry, Jesse Bradford
Rated:R(nudity, strong sexual content including graphic dialog throughout, language and some crude material)
Rating: 0\10