As a child I watched Clash of the Titans time and time again never getting tired of it, and there was a reason for that, I was a bit weird… No… I mean it was because it’s a great movie, and with the remake around the corner I feel it’s only fitting to make a tribute to this epic film.

Set in Ancient Mythical Greece, Clash of the Titans tells the tale of Perseus son of Zeus, who as an infant is locked in a casket with his mother and cast into the sea by King Acrisius of Argos, with the help of the Gods they wash up on the island of Seriphos, where Perseus and his mother live happily for many years, watched over by the Gods.

Zeus is happy with Perseus as he turns into a young man, but disgusted with the progress of Calibos, son of the Goddess Thetis, who is spoiled, cruel and selfish, Zeus punishes Calibos transforming him into a beast ruining his chance to marry the Princess Andromeda, Calibos is forced to retreat to the swamps in the east, away from prying eyes.

In retribution the Goddess Thetis transports Perseus many miles away to the Amphitheatre in Joppa while he sleeps, there he befriends the playwright Ammon who warns him to return to Seriphos as Joppa is cursed, Perseus decides to stay and help restore Joppa, Ammon therefore kits him out with some suitable clothes and a sword, and so Perseus’s journey begins…

Moving along at a satisfying pace Clash of the Titans will feed you with numerous theatrical performances and a constant conveyor belt of weird and wonderful creatures, in fact there are more mythical creatures than you can shake a stick at, the winged horse Pegasus, the snake haired gorgon medusa and most significant the giant sea monster the Kracken, to name but a few, incidentally for health and safety reasons please don’t shake sticks at mythical creatures.

The musical score is easy on the ear and the effects are simple but effective, with it being nearly thirty years old everything is real, the props the locations and the models, not a pixel in sight, something that I think gives it real charm, I recommend revisiting it before the remake, if only to compare.

End Credits: Director: Desmond Davis, Cast: Laurence Olivier, Harry Hamlin, Judi Bowker, Length: 118 mins