Inside Man (2006)

Inside Man, directed by Spike Lee is  a film about a bank robbery like you’ve never seen before. it stars Denzel Washington ( academy award winner),  Clive Owen (academy award nominee) and Jodi Foster (academy award winner)

The movie starts out in an intriguing way, with Dalton Russell ( Clive Owen) telling you his plan to rob this bank, he gives you the who, what, where and when, but the how is the real tale in this thriller. The whole movie basically takes place at Manhattan’s trust in New York city where Russell takes hostages almost immediately with the help of his four accomplices who are dressed like painters with masks on so you cant tell who’s, who. very smart. They deploy smoke bombs, take out the cameras and the action never stops from that point on. A patrolman walking by spots smoke coming from the bank, he tries to open the door, locked. Radios for help and that’s where we see the other main character Detective Frazier (Denzel Washington).

Frazier is the is the kind of cop with a previous bust gone bad hanging over his head. As he tries to scratch and claw his way to the top, this might be his ticket to the big show, if he can stop this now hostage situation from turning sour, but he has no idea what he’s gotten himself into. As he arrives on the scene everything looks normal, only to the naked eye of course but there’s more to this story than what meet the eye.

Owen plays an extremely smart and clever well planned guy, who knows exactly what is going on every step of the way, but never lets his hand show. This is the the movie role Owen can really sink his teeth into, and he did. He was the perfect casting choice for this role. Washington plays a smart, layed back detective but don’t let that fool you, he’s every bit the in you’re face cop when the time comes. and he turns up the intesity toward the climax of the picture, so does Owen. Foster plays a highly secretive character called Ms. White, who is hired by the bank owner to get involved in this bank robbery, but not in the way you think, she has a hidden agenda that you won’t see coming.

 The movie cuts back and forth from the robbery taking place to Frazier interviewing the hostages after the robbery, trying to find out who were the robbers and who were the hostage, as there trying to find out who’s in on it, so are you. You see, everyone was instructed to put on identical jumpsuits and masks so the robbers and hostages all look the same. so you don’t know who is who until the movie progresses. Very clever.

This game of cat and mouse will keep you on the edge of you’re seat from start to finish. You never know what’s going to happen next. Trust me that’s a good thing. When Owen and Washington meet for the first time on screen very few words are spoken, but you know who’s in charge or at least you think you do. When Owen and Washington REALLY speak to each other on screen it really put these characters into perspective, they exchange put downs and go back and fourth trying to show each other there dominance and they do, but one line really stood out to me, it actually made me exhale. It was when detective Frazier asks Russell to “Try to keep everyone calm” Russel shoots back “Don’t I sound calm to you?” he said with a blank stair. That’s the type of line you’ll never forget.

The directing by Spike Lee was superb, I expect nothing less from a director who is always on the top of his game and im guessing always will be. The movie was written by Russel Gewirtz, who writes like painter paints. Many layers and as colorful as possible, there are so many twists and turns by the end of the film you wont know which way is up.

This is a must see film for any thriller lover like myself, or for anyone who want’s to see a great movie, you won’t be disappointed. It is a non stop emotional ride that will have you’re heart pumping long after the movie ends. The acting is spot on, the directing nothing less than perfect. This movie has an ending you’ll never see coming. I highly recommend this movie. You won’t be disappointed

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