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Ghosts of Girlfriends Past


This is one of the few movies that I enjoyed lately. It feature Matthew McCaughey (The Reign of Fire) as playboy photographer Connor Mead and Jennifer Garner (13 Going on 30) as Jenny Perotti, his estranged life long love.


The plot begins with Connor Mead beginning his day as most days begin, breezing into his studio and taking pics of lingerie-clad models. Confident and successful in his philandering ways he pretty much nails his first client of the day (no action here). A busy man- he doesn’t have time to break up with three of his girlfriends so he does it on conference call with his current avocation strewn on the couch.


 As he breezed in he breezes out to his brothers wedding rehearsal. On arrival he see’s his ex (Jennifer Garner) and the rest of the wedding party. At this point he doesn’t hesitate to tell his kid brother that there is till time to get out of this if he wants to (never one to mince words). Throughout the evening Connor (McCaughey) doesn’t hesitate to hit on every female that comes his way and basically satiates him with booze.


In the bathroom and under the influence, Connor sees his deceased uncle. His uncle (Michael Douglas) informs him that up until this point he has been living it up to the extreme and that it will be the death of him. In this night he will be taught something that he will never forget.


Throughout the night an old girlfriend Allison Vandermeersh (Emma Stone) takes him through all of his past experiences with women showing him were he went wrong and helping him to be the man that everyone knows he can.


Why see this movie


You may think that this movie is a chick flick, but it is a truly comedic touching story of how pride leads to a crash and how love never fails. For the guys you will laugh until you cry and the girls will as well. I would definitely recommend seeing this now. You can probably see it in a dollar theatre by now.


Go see it or rent it.




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