So The Land of The Lost rivals Blades of Glory; if you liked that, this is the movie for you, if you didn’t you definitely won’t like this. This film was in fact based on a 1974 children’s TV series, but this is not a movie for kids. This movie is basically like Will Ferrell’s version of Journey to Atlantis.


The plot is basically about an invention that professor Rick Marshall (Will Ferrell) invents that can create an alternate reality. He has left these endeavors derelict until a beautiful young woman Holly Cantrell (Anna Friel) galvanizes him back into his work. They alight in the alternate reality through a cave that they are led to by tour guide Will Stanton (Danny McBride). They all the sudden alight in a world full of wonders and scares in which we would have a kid’s movie if it weren’t for language and sexual innuendo.


I like Will Ferrell and I was expecting more, but I was not as disappointed in this movie as I was of Jack Black’s Year One. If your trying to decide which one you’re are going to go see, go see Will Ferrell’s The Land of the Lost.


I personally would wait and rent it- and that, if you’re a fan. For me the funniest parts were what we saw on the trailer.