Year One


I was a big fan of Jack Black until now. Up until this devastating plunge of a comedy, I really identified with the roles that Jack embodied, in films like Nacho Libre and The School of Rock. But I won’t bash it before giving you a full overview.


This film basically revolves around two key characters: Zed (Jack Black) and Oh (Michael Cera). They are reduced to their most primitive state (I will expound on the multi-faceted meaning of primitive later.) as two people living in a tribe of forest dwellers; virtually alienated from the outside world. Zed is a clumsy hunter in a society were the only two skills of value are hunting and gathering, and his friend Oh is a gatherer that considers himself as being no good.


Zed is fed up with the triviality and seeming inconsistencies in what are considered facts, and so he decides to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and bad (very strange time line going on), and suddenly he feels enlightened. He has to go see the world for himself. But he and Oh are not the only ones that witnessed him eating the forbidden fruit and ergo he is banished from the remote village taking with him Oh.


So I will start with the positives


There are a few funny parts in this movie: for instance the killing of Abel (Paul Rudd) by Cain (David Cross). This is one of the funny parts in this movie. In an act of malice because of God’s acceptance of Abel’s sacrifice, Cain hits Abel in the head with a rock. Feeling sorry for what he did Cain begins to lament sorrowfully as to his error? As Abel wakes (merely knocked out by the impact) Cain hits him again, and this continues until Abel is bludgeoned. This doesn’t sound funny, being that biblically this was the first murder ever, but it’s funny.


Then there is the part when Adam pursues Cain, both in carriages pulled by mules. The pursuit is hilarious because the dialogue is so intense and they show an aerial view of both going at a snail pace- people literally walking past them. Then he gets struck in the head by lightning, and it just leaves a scar.


This is where the comedy ends and a superfluous amount of sexual innuendo follows… (Parental Discretion advised)


This is not a movie for kids and not a well-made movie at that. The sexual salaciousness is not even in good taste if I can say that. There are multiple strong references to oral sex in this film. This is embodied as a girl rubs the sticks of two soldiers in a very suggestive fashion (stroking the sticks up and down.


Then there is a mild reference to insets. And then there is another oral sex suggestive moment with the sucking of a banana… So if you care what your children are watching don’t go see it. I wouldn’t even suggest for adults to see it because the movie has no quality.


This is one of Jack’s worst movies ever, and I’m a fan of Jack’s. I would say skip it given the above information.


And then the Bible parodies are a little to exaggerated. I’ll leave it at that…


2 thoughts on “Year One”

  1. I hated this movie so much. I couldn’t bare to watch it any longer, I had to turn it off.
    Year One needs to be rated in the negatives.
    I expected such things from Jack Black but why did Michael Cera do this!?

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