Up surely is one of the best family movies ever made and is a contender for best movie of 2009. Up is a comedy-adventure film directed Pete Docter and stars Edward Asner, Christopher Plummer and Jordan Nagai.

The story starts in a flashback of a young boy named Carl Fredrickson who meets hid future wife Ellie and shows there lives over a series of flashbacks. They show how they fell in love, couldn’t have a baby, started saving for a holiday and Ellies death. It flashes forward to the present day where Carl (now extremely old and played by Edward Asner) is the only person left on his street in the house he and Ellie built and is always being pestered to sell his house to the development companies who have torn up the neighbourhood around him. It shows how his life is dull and lonely, and how grumpy he has become since Ellies death as he constantly moans to people. He meets Russel (Nagai), a young Asian boy who is  a wilderness explorer. Russel is trying to get his final explorer badge, which to get he must help the elderly. Carl sends the boy away by telling him to hunt for a snipe (which Carl just made up).  Carl is then involved in a tussle with a construction worker who accidentally broke his mailbox. Carl then hits him with his walker resulting in Carl having to give up his precious house. Carl however attaches 10,000 balloons to his house and floats away, heading to paradise falls where he and Ellie were planning to go before she dies. Unfortunately, Russel was accidentally brought up with him. They eventually reach paradise falls but discover many secrets within the jungle surrounding it. They include a mad explorer who is trying to capture a bird like creature that Russel befriends, talking dog Dug who thinks Carl is his new master and an exiting, funny climax that will leave you cheering.

The films characters are awesome. The main characters are all like-able and funny, The plot is really good and you really do feel for Carl at points. The film, being a family film, can be enjoyed by any age as it is packed with adult themes, action and fun childish humour. The character of Russel is very funny and can relate to real children well, adults will probably get reminded of their own children from him. Carl; seems like an unlikeable character to begin with, but over the course of the movie he becomes more and more open as well as being funny. Each character is given a great back-story that are all easy to understand and follow. Russel comes from a family who’s mum and dad have split up and he is now neglected by his father after his father found another woman. Carl is given a very extensive background about him and Ellie at the start of the film, and the villain of the film also has a background story at the start, although it is slightly hidden. The villain (i won’t say who) is only revealed as the villain later in the story and you don’t see much of him until then. He seems really nice when first met, but after he thinks Carl and Russel are someone else, he then turns bad and is a really great bad guy.

The animation seems to have its own look despite being the same CGI created by the same company. Carl looks unique with his jaw and chin being extremely square and weird looking as well as being sort of a dwarf as he is almost as short as Russel. Russel doesn’t actually look that much Asian and even his voice didn’t sound Asian, but, i suppose his eyes were slanted slightly, and if he is Asian American then he may have a more American accent. Dug talking dog is a great character and makes you wish he was real. His personality is annoying to Carl, but, i am sure everyone in the theatre will love him with his stupidity and smart remarks. Kevin, the snipe that Russel finds, is actually a funny character despite not being able to talk. His antics with Russel will surely get kids laughing and adults giggling.

Overall, Up is a fun adventure that takes something as simple as an old man who is grumpy and lonely who wants to go somewhere, and turns it into an action packed, hilarious movie. With great characters, amazing plot and an ending that is just right, Up is surely one of the greatest family films ever (even more than Wall-E). I would recommend it to absolutely everyone be it adult or child.

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