Invisible Target

“Invisible Target” stars Nicholas Tse (The Promise), Jaycee Chan (Son of Jackie Chan), Shawn Yue (Internal Affairs), and Jacky Wu Jing (Kill Zone). It’s written, produced, and directed by Benny Chan.

After an armored car is robbed of millions in American money by a lethal mercenary gang, an apostate cop, an adolescent officer of the law, and an experienced detective must join hands in taking down the group of outlaws for both justice and revenge.

This martial arts flick is very reminiscent to every kung fu picture I have seen, making this about as derivative as you can get. Every fight scene is very familiar, dishing out the usual flips, kicks and karate chops that duplicate previous scenes explored in the film. There is more explosions and glass shattering than there is hand-to-hand fight scenes. It’s just becomes loud and blaring rather than being the hardcore martial arts film it set out to be.

The stunt work was admirable and realistic most of the time, but it is hard to concentrate when your head is spinning in confusion. The storyline is convoluted with subplots and so many incoherent characters, that it ends up being much too perplexed to follow. As for Jaycee Chan, he turns out to be one of the worst fighters in the film, getting his butt-kicked more than he kicked-butt. With a limited amount of dialog and more fist-to-fist action, this would’ve been a much shorter and more palatable attempt at pleasing the target audience.

I really wanted to enjoy the film, but it’s never really able to kick its way out of being a cliche-ridden kung fu flick. The leaps from story-high buildings and the fist fights are rousing, but become weighed down with too much filler. It’s like pieces of the script were thrown up into the air and where they land they stay. A scattered mess created in the matter of hitting its fan base with a diligent DVD cover. 1.5/5 stars

 Written by: Derek Fleek

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