These are 10 movies, from different eras, though most in the late 20th to early 21st centuries. These are movies that aren’t just good with plot or with acting, but have an excellent script, have a majestic script, and have an unconquerable message.1. Slumdog Millionaire: My favorite movie of 2008. It had such a powerful aura of beauty and emotion that I couldn’t help but love it.2. Passengers: With a stellar cast and a great script and the best soundtrack of all-time, this movie brings emotion and human behavior into a massive collection of what seemed to be an Oscar runner in 2008.3. The Sixth Sense: The best M. Night Shyamalan movie to date (Signs, The Village), this movie brings the best part of a psychological thriller into light. This movie amazed me in a way that only a few could.4. The Departed: The Best Picture winner of 2006, The Departed is by far the best crime movie ever made. Martin Scorcese (Taxi Driver, Gangs of New York) expertly delivered in his best movie.5. Sunshine: Possibly the best and most witty sci-fi epic to date, this movie brings an amazing amount of realism and a frightening twist that will make your mouth drop. Danny Boyle (28 Days Later, Slumdog Millionaire) expertly delivered with this 2007 unpopular masterpiece.6. Moon: With an enchanting sci-fi story from writer-director Duncan Jones (son of Pop icon David Bowie) in his debut, Moon delivers the best acting of 2009 with Sam Rockwell playing the most enchanting role I have personally ever seen.7. The Wrestler:  With Mickey Rourke showing that he can portray a man with nothing left to lose, this movie, made by champion director Darren Aronofsky (Requiem for a Dream), shows how powerful the art of depression in movies can be.8. Mystic River: From director Clint Eastwood (The Unforgiven) comes one of the greatest adaptations from book-to-movie since The Godfather. The story is enchanting and the script magnificent.9. 12 Monkeys: Terry Gilliam, one of the five living alumnus of Monty Python, directed this post-apocalyptic story starring Bruce Willis. This movie brings fear and sadness in a perfect combination to where you can’t stop watching.10. Dark City: The best movie made by Australian director Alex Proyas, this movie crosses the extra terrestrial with modern interest and strong acting. With a beautiful and compelling story, this movie shows what the idea of sci-fi horror is about.11. American History X: This graphic explosion of strong performances and a great learning experience of life and respect is the perfect example of a dramatic movie. This film really spoke out to me on different levels.12. Fight Club: With an outstanding adapted script from the cult classic by Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club showed what a powerful force Brad Pitt and Edward Norton can be together. The magnificent twist will leave you breathless.13. Saving Private Ryan: The best war movie of all-time, directed by Steven Spielberg (Schindler’s List) , is the most gripping spectacle of the end of the 20th century. It shows the gritty encounters of World War II, and you feel as if you are with the company as they go through France and the Axis lands looking for their way back home.14. Forest Gump: The movie that taught us how much of a badass Tom Hanks was, Forest Gump is an amazing adventure of love and the need to be with somebody as time goes by. Directed by Robert Zemekis (Contact), this is a shining achievement in the world of film.15. Pride & Glory: This overlooked drama with an amazing score and an even better script, makes the roles seem so real and the direction seem so lifelike. This movie is a fantastically made police epic about the lives of family members, one of them being a dirty cop, and two others being officers trying to stop him.These movies are all fantastic, and I believe that they are made with exceptional detail, and are amazingly thoughtful in the making of them. My favorite of them all…. well…. it is really too hard to say. All I know is that they are all fantastic, and if they are disliked by anyone, then the person should reassess themselves, and should watch the movie again.