What Happens in Vegas


What Happens in Vegas is a movie you will definitely fall in love with, featuring the pioneer funny-guy Ashton Kutcher (Dude Where’s My Car) and Charlie’s Angel’s Cameron Diaz.  The film is about an unlikely pair of forlorn singles- Joy (Cameron Diaz) and Jack (Ashton Kutcher) who alight in Vegas and in a state of gleeful inebriation get hitched.  Before this thoughtless marriage can be annulled Jack wins a jackpot 3,000,000 that will change their lives for good.


The story starts in the big apple where her boyfriend, who she has just thrown a surprise birthday party for, dumps joy. Meanwhile Jack is fired from his fathers carpentry business. Jack grabs his friend Hater (Rob Cordrry) and Joy grabs her friend tipper (Lake Bell) they all seek solace and spirits in Sin City-Vegas, where they let their hair down in a major way. The four meets due to a rooming mix up that put Jack and Joy in the same room. After the problem is worked out the hotel gives them a lot of free things and so the foursome decides to party together and in an inebriated blur Jack and Joy get married.

The morning after the drunken marriage they regret what they have done and prepare to annul the marriage, but not before Jack (Kutcher) hits a jackpot 3,000,000 with a quarter that Joy gave him. As Jack romps in riches he is called back to reality when Joy reminds him that since they are still married they have to divide the money.

This point is where the fun begins, and they take each other to court. Hater (Rob Codrddy) being the hair brain lawyer for Jack. The judge (Dennis Miller) is fet up with the lack of sanctity that the pair give marriage and ergo says that the pair have to remain married for at least 6 months and learn what marriage entails and meanwhile they must see a marriage counselor (Queen La’tifa) to asses their progress.What follows is 6 months of the two scheming to make the other break the terms of the agreement in order to get the 3,000,000. As the time goes on the two soften up and start to take on a love-hate relationship.  The ending is forever a great one and you shouldn’t miss this movie.


I would say that Cameron and Ashton have great chemistry in this movie; and they bring a great galvanization to this movie genre that has become overdone with the typical and foreseeable melodrama. I really love their schemes and their differences. They try to out due each other so much to the point that it becomes laughingly hilarious. I would say to rent this movie and if you feel how I feel, buy it. This is the type of movie that you can watch over and over with your girlfriend or by your lonesome- any way it’s a keeper.

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