The Proposal

Hi everyone, I’m new and this my first review I thought I’d share with you.

Last night I went to see this comedy with Sandra Bullock, can’t remember the guys name, nevertheless I had a good laugh. Probably first good laugh I had in ages.

For those who didn’t see it the plot is about a very successful book editor Margaret (Bullock) whose visa to work in USA is expiring and she must go back to Canada. She persuades her assistant Andrew to marry her promising him a nice promotion within the company etc. However when they visit immigration office the cunning officer can see through her plan and it appears it’s not going to be easy to fool him.

The plot carries on on visiting his parents home in Alaska, finding out more about each other, her falling for his family, announcing the engagement and a quickie surprise wedding in their family barn which they cannot say no to. And who doesn’t come along? The sly immigration officer. And from here it gets a bit cheesy. She tells the truth in front of the altar and is escorted by the officer back to New York where she has to pack her bags and fly to Toronto. Obviously the husband to be finds out he’s in love with her and follows her to big Apple to tell her his feelings and ask her to marry him to which she obviously says yes. And that is where it abruptly ends.

Anyway, it’s easy but not too simple comedy with loads of funny moments created by Bullock’s ‘man-eater’ & ‘city-girl’ attitude but some of the funny moments are predictable which you must expect when watching 2 people of opposite sex involved in a storyline. (Maybe except for BREAKUP with J. Aniston)

In overall I did enjoy watching this movie and shushing my friend who cannot help herself but making comments during any film. I would recommend to see it to anyone who is willing to pay the high cinema price.

2 thoughts on “The Proposal”

  1. hi i dont know if you saw it this way. i just got the feeling that you might have given a bit to much away to your audience. dont mean to be rude or anything if thats the way that im coming off sorry.

  2. I checked few other reviews and comments of films i’ve seen before I wrote my opinion to see what people are telling to public. It seemed they had no boundaries so I wrote what I felt was right. I still didn’t include all the stuff but if it was too uncovering then sorry. But to be honest in a romantic comedy you can guess what will happen next and you cannot expect anything but happy ending :o)

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