Observe and Report

Dark Humour is a required taste and in my opinion its a good taste. Observe and Report is a black comedy film starring Seth Rogen and Anna Faris and Directed by Jody Hill.

It centers around proud mall police officer Ronnie Barnhardt and his catching of a mall flasher who hhas been exposing himself to many customers. After his dream girl Brandi (Faris) is flashed the next day, he takes it personally and says he will take it upon himself to catch the flasher with funny events. That is until a detective shows up (played by Ray Liotta) and steals Ronnie’s case and Ronnie only acts as a backup for him. Ronnies stupidity stops them from making progress (these scenes showing the incredibly dark humour of the movie) which include Ronnie making people suspects because of their race or because he hates them. Ronnie then starts to take the steps to become a police officer after Liotta shouts abuse at him for ruining the investigation. What follows is many scenes of black humour that include Ronnie trying to woo his dream girl, being fired and trying to arrest a kid only to be confronted by the child’s father. After being fired Ronnie takes it upon himself to catch the flasher even though its not his job anymore.

The acting in this film was surprisingly good for most of the cast, with Rogen doing a very good job as Ronnie the idiot cop, but Ronnie still seems similar to every other character Seth Rogen does and I can’t help but think that when watching. Faris does OK for her part but her crying scenes are just annoying as with the crying, she talks normally as she would do and doesn’t seem to actually be crying, it just seems unconvincing. The supporting cast are very good and even small roles such as Ronnies nemesis an unnamed Indian man does a good job of being a seemingly unlikeable man. Ray Liotta does his job well too but most of his lines are him shouting or telling people to do stuff so he isn’t as great as he should be. The unnamed flasher should also be praised for being brave enough to show his face on camera with such a tiny wiener which is incredibly small and is once again more of the films dark humour.

The film is written to be a black comedy film but comes off a little too dark. The film is riddled with swear words in almost every sentence and almost every character has at least one somewhere. The dialogue is mostly about violent or crude behaviour or it is just about being abusive to someone. Ronnie is likeable but comes off as a bit of a dick in some areas where the audience will start to see him for what he is. the jokes aren’t what you’d expect for a black comedy as most of them are just like a normal comedy just much more offensive. None are hidden jokes or ones that take a second to get, but, the film is labeled as a black comedy and so it is reviewed as a black comedy. Some moments such as Ronnie and his mother and the “rape” scene could have been done without as they aren’t particularly funny.

Overall, Observe and report is a good comedy film but is not for the easily offended or people who don’t like dark humour. Its plot is easy to follow and its cast well chosen. It is however held back with some annoying moments and over use of swearing. i would recommend it to people looking for a quick giggle.

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