DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION is a action packed movie. the movie starts off when Goku(JUSTIN CHATWIN)is training with his grandpa Gohan(Randall Ruk Kim) on top of telephone wires playing a game off who ever falls first on the dirt loses.After they were done training Gohan suprises Goku  with a dragonball because it was gokus birthday and Gohan tells Goku history about the dragonball that there are only seven in the world and how everyone is trying to get their hand on one including Lord Piccolo(JAMES MARSTERS). Hes been trying to get his hand on a dragonball for a very long time now. Goku now knows a lot history about the dragonball and how rare it is. Goku is not treated the same like at school, people think he is a freak and always tries to fight with Goku, but Goku made a promise to his grandfather and that promise was that to never fight at school. Everyone thinks that Goku is a freak except one girl. Her name is Chi Chi (Jamie Chun). The reason why she does not think he’s a freak because she is also a fighter and knows all about the dragonball.Goku later runs into a girl who is looking for dragon ball her name is bulma(EMMY ROSSUM )she has a dragonball contacter conctacter followed to Gokus house and Goku tells her that it is not her dragonball and that lord piccolo has a few dragonballs and Goku joins Bulma on a journey for more dragonballs. After Bulma tries to contact it and it leads to a house. Then Bulma goes in with Goku to look for them. Then Goku notices that there is a man sleeping in the house so now they have to be extra quiet so they dont wake up the man while there search was on Goku accidently knocked a few things over and made a lot of noise and woke up the man And right when he woke up then he attacked goku and the fight was on. Then a little bit later Goku realizes its Master Roshi(Yun-Fat Chow) Gohan told goku about him  that he could help goku with the dragonballs and get them before lord piccolo does now Goku,Bulma,master roshi go on a journey searching for all seven dragonballs before lord piccolo does.                                                                     THE COMMENT ON DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION     Some comments about dragonball were from some people who got really mad because Goku in the movie is not Asian.  Some people don’t care like me.  I dont really care that Goku in the story is not Asian.  All I care about is that the actor is good and the storyline from beginning to end is good                        MY OPINION IS THAT THE MOVIE IS A ……………………. HORRIBLE  OR ALRIGHT OR GOOD OR GREAT OR EXCELLENT………AND IT IS A GOOD MOVIE                  thats my opinion