Porky’s is a 1982 Canadian-produced comedy set in 1950’s Florida.  It stars Dan Monahan as Pee Wee, Mark Herrier as Billy, Wyatt Knight as Tommy, Roger Wilson as Mickey, Cyril O’Reilly as Tim, and Tony Ganios as Meat.  This film is produced by Don Carmody (Silent Hill) and Bob Clark (A Christmas Story).  The director and writer is Bob Clark.

The story is about six boys from fictional Angel Beach High School seeking sexual gratification.  One of them, Pee Wee, is trying to lose his virginity.  After three of the others, Billy, Tommy, and Mickey, pull a prank to get the boys naked only to scare them off into the woods, Pee Wee becomes desperate.  So Mickey suggests they go to Porky’s, a notorious strip bar out in the everglades.  Billy is reluctant and doesn’t go, but Meat, Pee Wee, Tommy, Mickey, and Tim all go.  They all pay Porky $100 for a half-hour with three of his prostitutes.  But the sleazy owner doesn’t deliver and, instead, drops them all into the swamp below.  Infuriated, Mickey storms back in and demands to fight Porky.  He and the other boys go outside where the redneck bar owner pushes them back into the swamp.  Then the county sheriff arrives, whom we later find out is Porky’s brother, and vandalizes Mickey’s truck.  The sheriff demands they all pay a fine for having a broken headlight and drives them back over to Seward County, where Angel Beach is.  Afterward, Mickey feels humiliated and heads back to Porky’s to fight him.  Later, he returns all battered up.  At first he vows never to go back, but he does and is beaten up worse than before.  The sheriff of Seward County, also Mickey’s older brother, is about to head off to Porky’s to avenge his brother when he is stopped by a friend of the six boys who has a plan to get the fat redneck back once and for all.  They will give Porky “a night to remember”.

Porky’s tended to bring the teen film genre in a whole different direction.  Before this film came out, we had traditional teen films like Grease which focused primarily on love and romance in high school with very little sexual content and no drastic revenge schemes.  After the release, teen film writers were influenced by Porky’s and started putting more nudity in their films as well as more clever payback plans.  You see Revenge of the Nerds which shares many of the same kinds of sexual content as Porky’s.  It also features the drastic revenge schemes.  In Porky’s, the boys peek in on the girls’ shower and, later on, we see the revenge scheme when Porky’s is badly damaged by these same boys from Angel Beach.  Similarily in Nerds, the boys plan to install secret cameras in the girls’ dorm to spy on them as they undress.  They also put liquid heat inside the football players’ jocks.

There are some side-stories in Porky’s that do not contribute directly to the plot but do add a flavor of humor and some seriousness.  One case in point is the sexual attraction between Coach Brackett and Miss Honeywell.  Brackett is interested in Miss Honeywell and another coach informs him that she has a nickname, “Lassie”.  For the majority of the film, Brackett tries to get that coach to tell him why they call her “Lassie”.  Near the end of the film, he finds out.

An example of a more serious tone is the story between Tim, his father, and Brian, who is Jewish.  In the beginning, Tim is prejudiced against Brian because his father is.  Tim’s father abuses him when he learns that his son lost a fight with a Jew.  He is also kicked off the basketball team due to his rough play towards the Jewish boy.  Brian sees what’s happening and talks to the coach about the situation with Tim and his father.  Tim is later reinstated because of Brian’s words.  Tim realizes what his teammate did and, over time, grows to like him.  He even stands up for Brian as he is being harassed by Tim’s father.

To wrap, Porky’s is a mixture of humor and serious issues that makes it a true teen classic and a reformation of the whole teen movie genre.