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The Haunting in Connecticut

This so called horror or might I say “Hallucinating from drugs” film stars Virginia Madsen and Kyle Gallner makes this movie an all time worst.

It starts when Madsen’s character has a son who has cancer. The family doesn’t have the sufficent funds to pay rent to a house they live in so they move into a once was funeral home.
Things start to get weird when the boy (Gallner) begins to hallucinate and see things he shouldn’t be seeing.

When I saw this, I thought it was going to be scary. Please, you’re taking drugs to cure the cancer in the body. Of course you’re going to see things. This movie was probably made by someone who was high! There were a few “jump,” moments then it makes you roll your eyes as you realize its a flashback.

The ending was equally lame after the boy (Gallner) accomplishes the house’s spirits message and his cancer is suddenly gone making this an all time low for a possible ending. Overall, this movie was a complete bore and dud, and not worth seeing in theaters.

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