Postal is a film that has balls, it takes things that other directors would be afraid to do and it does it. Postal directed by Uwe Boll is a comedy/action film starring Zack Ward and it pushes the limits in what is acceptable in cinema, in a good way.

 The film is centred around a young man named simply The Postal Dude as he trys to get enough cash to leave his dead-end life. He is fired from his work, finds out his extremely morbidly obese wife is cheating on him and is harassed wherever he goes. He decides to team up with his uncle Dave to steal a shipment of highly priced dolls. The films plot is insane and doesn’t make much sense, But it is fun and enjoyable as it stays close to the game which didn’t have a plot either. One scene in particular has terrorists hijack a plane but then decide not to commit a suicide bombing but rather go to the Bahamas. The passengers however burst through the cockpit door and start to overpower them. The plane spins out of control and heads straight into….the world trade centre where an unfortunate window cleaner is splattered. It seems controversial, but, i think its been long enough and people can start laughing at jokes on the September 11 disaster while still remembering them. The plot turns into an insane and twisted plan for a cult to take over the world and one of the things they need is for Verne Troyer to be raped “by a thousand monkeys” and of course, he is. This scene made me chuckle. Their is much carnage and alot of bodies as the Dude tries to stop the cult.

Uwe Boll has a nack for making bad video game movies but with postal he has really upped his game. Sure the acting isn’t that good from most of the cast and the plot makes about as much sense as a epileptic donkey but that is what makes it a fun film. The film is not well written with the main plot being completely unbelievable (like the game) and it just feels like a string of scenes that are put in a machine that jumbles them and out comes a movie. The main character is likeable but that’s as far as it goes, everyone else is rude, crude and lewd. With a Black cop who completely destroys an old Asian lady with his shotgun because she said a word that sounded like ni***r. The Dude’s wife is just there to have sex with everyone in town and it would have been nice to see how in the world the Dude ended up with her.

The acting is bad. The Dudes wife may be the worst actress on a screen, The Dude and his Uncle are really the only decent actors in the movie. Even Verne Troyer is pretty bad in this one. The directing of the film is pretty good for a Uwe Boll film with action scenes actually looking pretty good with fast cuts and pretty camera angles. The CGI for this film is also pretty good for a low budget film and Boll makes the best of his budget to the max.

Overall, Postal is a film that contains scenes that other filmmakers would be afraid to do. It knows what it is and doesn’t try to be something above itself. It’s just a fun movie with some good gags, (George Bush and Osama Bin Laden skipping through a field always makes me chuckle) some good action and an insanely fun plot. It’s worth a look and if your a fan of the game then you’ll be a fan of this as it is very faithful to the game.

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