About 45 minutes into M. Night Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender, I felt this strange occurrence in my ear. I looked in the mirror and found my brain seeping out through the eardrum. I slowly began to read a math book to get my brain back to normal, but the scars will always be there. This travesty of a movie, I decided, must be stopped. I took the thing out of my Blu-Ray and returned it to the Redbox from which it came (well, one down the road).I say all of that to stress that this was a bad movie. I mean, it was a disgrace to everything good in the world. Shyamalan truly screwed up here. His screenplay sounded as if it was written by a class of kindergardeners trying to explain a commercial they saw for the television series. The acting was also horrendous. Jackson Rathbone delivered his lines as if read off a teleprompter (and NEVER FREAKING BLINKED). Noah Ringer just looked scared the whole time. Dev Patel (who I LOVED in “Slumdog Millionaire”-still today one of my favorite protagonists) looked like he was truly trying, but the source material seemed to bog him down with its idiocracy (as it did me). Shaun Toub, Cliff Curtis, and Aasif Mandvi (yes, the guy from The Daily Show) were all just place-holders who I believe lost bets. I guess one could say the cinematography was decent and the score was okay, but who honestly cares about that stuff when the action is just some 12-year-old kid waving his hands around and producing air that pushes fire-dudes like 2 feet back. I had to turn this mess off immediately because I just couldn’t further watch Shyamalan (a once promising director) dig himself into the deep, dark hole that is this movie. I still think the director can make a good movie, but this time, leave the writing to the professionals. I understand that he was writing this for children, but I have a hard time thinking a new-born baby would find this intellectually equal. Overall, The Last Airbender¬†takes a gigantic leap up to become 2010’s worst movie, and also happens to be another failure for Shyamalan.