The 1987 horror movie Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 is distributed by Silent Night Releasing Corporation.  It stars Eric Freeman as Ricky Caldwell, James L. Newman as Dr. Henry Bloom, Elizabeth Cayton as Jennifer Statson, Jean Miller as Mother Superior, and Darrel Guilbeau as Ricky Chapman (age 15).  The producer is Lawrence Appelbaum (The Alchemist) and the director is Lee Harry (Steet Soldiers).

The movie opens with Ricky Caldwell, Billy Chapman’s little brother, sitting in an interrogation room.  He waits for shrink Dr. Henry Bloom.  After giving the doctor attitude, he begins telling the story of what happened, starting with the murder of Billy and Ricky’s parents.  He goes on to essentially tell the entire saga of what happened in Silent Night, Deadly Night.  This takes up the first 40 minutes of the film.  Soon after Billy’s death, his younger brother is adopted to a good family.  However, young Ricky is never counseled.  After his foster father dies, the boy begins to commit a series of random killings related to people misbehaving.  He meets a beautiful girl named Jennifer and begins to date her.  Things are seemingly falling into place for Ricky until he encounters Jennifer’s obnoxious ex-boyfriend Chip, who is still hung up on her.  He ends up killing Chip.  Jennifer is furious, so he kills her, as well.  A police car stops in front of the scene, but, before the officer can arrest him, Ricky grabs his gun and begins to shoot everyone he sees, except for a little girl who happened to accidentally hit him with her bike.  A short time later, he is arrested.  Back to the present day, Ricky escapes the jail and goes after he and Billy’s old nemesis, Mother Superior.

Although brothers Billy and Ricky do have similarities as killers, they appear quite different in their attitudes towards killing people.  Billy believes he is doing what he’s supposed to do as Santa Claus and shows little emotion while he’s doing it.  He thinks it’s right for Santa to punish bad people by killing them because of what he endured as a child with his senile grandfather and bearing witness to his parents’ brutal murder.  Ricky, on the other hand, seems to enjoy killing people.  His shooting spree is strong evidence of his pleasure.  He seemingly doesn’t have a conscience and, therefore, has no remorse for what he does.  Ricky is purely evil while Billy thinks he’s doing what’s expected of him.

The thing about this particular sequel is that viewers could watch it without having seen the first film and not be lost at all in the storyline.  As stated earlier, the first 40 minutes of this film is literally a summary of its predecessor.  I do understand that the budget for Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 is less than a typical movie would be but one has to look at successful movies of the past, like Rocky.  Their budget was so small, those involved in the film actually had to borrow some of the things needed for production.  Look what was the result!  One of the most inspiring and successful movies of all time, a true classic.  Getting back to Silent Night 2, the small budget was the reason very little new footage was shown in the first 40 minutes but the filmmakers could have at least made an effort!  I heard that some wanted to have the sequel be a simple re-editing of the first movie.  In a way, it is a little insulting to the fanbase not to attempt to make a decent sequel to Silent Night, Deadly Night.

To wrap, Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 will mainly appeal to those of you who like slasher films or are devoted fans of the first film.