Funny People

This movie stars Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen in a comedy with a bit of seriousness.

It starts out when Adam Sandler finds out he has a type of cancer and is not sure whether he will survive. As he goes for a show he meets Ira (Rogen) who tries to make jokes about the depressed comedian who went before him. As the days go by Ira and Simmons (Sandler) develop a friendship by making Ira write jokes for him and Ira becomes Simmon’s opening act.

This movie had its funny moments and didn’t. Adam Sandler’s performance was a bit uncomical due to the fact that he was playing a role in which he was going to die. Leslie Mann, who plays Adam’s love interest, was the only thing that kept him going making it seem as if Seth Rogen played a homosexual character in which that wasn’t the case.

The romantic aspect was a disaster in one point of view. Sandler’s character tries to break up a happy home by visiting Mann’s family and suspects that her husband (Bana) is cheating on her with someone from China. Mann and Sandler have a fling but its all over when Bana comes home and sees how miserable he had made him. Bana ends up beating Sandler but gains respect for him as well.

The jokes in the movie were original and a bit lame. When Ira (Rogen) opens up the act for Sandler’s character he seems nervous and awkward and doesn’t know how to deliver a speech. Sandler’s jokes were also the same way, in the trailer you hear the funny ones, during the movie you wait anxiously to hear them.

Overall, the movie was worth watching and had funny people in it.

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