Quantum of Solace


Solace for fans

Daniel Craig’s Bond brings a welcomed “Solace” to the avid Bond enthusiast. Craig embodies what we have all been waiting for. A far cry from the comedic Roger Moore and as of yet- not given to the proverbial philandering ways of the typical Bond. What Daniel Craig evokes is a Bond that bests Timothy Dalton’s focus, and dispenses with the sultry pleasantries that so characterizes this semi-hero status that Bond has evoked.


The film picks up off of the death of Vespa and Bonds avenging resolve to track down the leader of this terrorist organization. Known as Quantum- their basic resolve is to take over the foreign government through agriculture.


This Bond is one of my favorites because of the seeming eradication of the gaudy gadgetry, which is replaced by a well-acted blockbuster that grossed more than any previous bond film to date.


To add to my apparent hypothesis, if you like raw action ; Dan’s the man. Bond is no longer averse to dirt. We get a raw bare-knuckled barrage of assassin skills that border the much loved gallivanting of the Bourne films.


So sit back and enjoy the Bond that is possibly, the best Bond ever…


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