Big Fish (2003)

Take all the stories from the tall tale genre, and combine it with a person’s real life, and you get this movie. “Big Fish” is basically a tall tale of someone’s life through an extraordinary way. This tall tale contains stories of love, laughter, drama, and excitement that will make you laugh and cry at the same time. Read on as I delve into the stories of “Big Fish”.

The story is that Edward Bloom tells his son, Will, stories based on events in his life. As a child, Will believes his dad, but on his wedding day, Will now realizes that the stories his father told him were not true. After believing this, Will promises to never speak to his father again. Several months pass, and Will is doing fine, until he learns that his father is dying. It is here that Will finds out what is real and what he thinks are fairy tales.

The acting is pretty good in this movie. The male leads did a great job, especially from Albert Finney who plays Ed Bloom. My one complaint about the acting is that I did not care for the female leads. And the biggest gripe I have with this category is Helena Bonham Carter who plays the witch and Jenny. Personally, I was hoping for a different actress, but that’s just me.

Tim Burton goes back to his comedic roots with the direction for this film. And what I mean by this is he’s going back to when he made “Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure” and Beetlejuice.” With “Big Fish”, Tim Burton brings comedy and drama together perfectly.

This movie is not a typical special effects movie that studios put millions of dollars into. There are a few scenes that offer good special effects, but nothing that is really groundbreaking. There is, however, one scene where the special effects are amazing. As the crowd in the circus starts to leave, Ed Bloom sees the woman he’s going to marry and time stops around him. Next is the music. Danny Elfman reunites with Tim Burton yet again to create another wonderful soundtrack. Mr. Elfman blends country with a mix of adventure together to create a beautiful score.

Overall, “Big Fish” is an amazing film that you must see. It will make you laugh, and it will make you cry, but most of all you will be entertained by a great story.

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