Sacha Baron Cohen’s new outrageous character, Bruno, will pull the laughs right out of your mouth. His upfront humor and complete disregard for social taboos will make you cringe, cover your eyes, and then ask for more. You’ll get a taste of everything from an interview with an actual terrorist, to a Jerry Springer-type talk show where he gets torn apart for swaping a baby for a limited edition iPod.  Unlike Borat, Bruno lacks noble goals such as “Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan”. His goal is much shallower. We follow Bruno, who makes an adventurous peruse around America, in hopes of becoming the next big celebrity. After you’re constantly made to feel awkward you soon realize that Bruno has no sense humiliation. Be prepared to be taken on the most shocking cinematic experience to date. Although this will undoubtedly shock almost anybody, the real meat of the movie is its mockumentary style interviews and its ability to ridicule America’s ignorance. He hits up everybody from anti-gay activist and Jesus loving gay converters, to blood hungry and gun happy red necks. You’ll find yourself looking away from the screen almost more often than you’ll find yourself laughing. Most people won’t find this a draw back. Everybody loves to be shocked, even if its not in the most productive way. Throughout the film there aren’t really any drawbacks. I say this not because I think its perfect, but because it accomplishes everything that it sets out to accomplish. He will make you cringe with utter discomfort, and make you laugh until you cry. The problem lies in its o-so-familiar story line, assuming you’ve watched Borat. There isn’t an abundance of originality in this sense, then again, there doesn’t really have to be. Like “they” say, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Bruno will draw most of its audience with its  no holds barred in your face with male genitalia action, but the reason I chose to see it is its ever so enlightening qualities What I mean is, these are actual Americans with genuine American reactions. Not that i’m out to belittle anyone, but it really is just as abashing to watch Bruno get sodomised with a bicycle propelled dildo as it is to see Americans full of ignorance. Bruno brings these cliches to light in their actual environment, and he does it with hilarious prowess.

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  1. Although I have not seen the film, I basically knew the premise seeing trailers and researching the movie. Reading your review, I got no real sense of how you felt about the film. You described the movie and a few situations but only the four star rating tells me how good the film is. You did not talk about direction, filming, writing, etc. That is what I want to know about.

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