A top contender for the number one spot this summer, 5th installment of the X-Men franchise and the 3rd movie with Bryan Singer at helm as director; X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST in all forms of the word is exploding through the seams with nothing but blockbuster brilliance.The summer has just begun and movies thus far have not failed to impress and entertain the audience. I will refrain from placing all my eggs in one basket and side with X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST as the best movie of the summer since we are yet to witness TRANSFORMERS :AGE OF EXTINCTION, EDGE OF TOMORROW,DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES, THE EXPENDABLES 3 & HERCULES to name a few.

X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST once again turns to Hugh Jackman (Since the 3rd Movie) as the Man/Wolf Mutant has been doing well with his own movie franchise. This choice is wise. This choice works. This choice gives us the strongest screenplay in the franchise with a story line that is guaranteed to blow away your senses and leave one thrilled and convinced that this is best script written thus far for Professor Xavier and his students.

Set in the future (2023) the X-Men are faced with the greatest challenge ever; The Sentinels. Created by man as a defense mechanism against the mutant race, these machines go beyond expectation hunting down mutants and humans with the probability of spawning mutants in the future; thereby bringing into motion a cycle of total annihilation of mutants and humans alike. Whilst these sentinels look awfully similar to that of the destroyer of Asgard their powers are endless and are literally no match for the X-Men. If not for Wolverine this movie may as well be called, X-MEN: EXTINCTION. On another note the First Class takes the Last Stand (how about that!) when Professor Xavier (I don’t know how he is alive again), Magneto, Storm and Wolverine approach a group of mutant survivors aka Kitty, Bobby and Co hoping to uses Kitty’s powers and go back in time to 1973 and intervene with the past to stop the Sentinels ever coming to being.

Comics are confusing when it comes to timelines. If you are an individual that grew up reading comics it’s easy to come to terms that superheroes are all over the place. The Hollywood movie scene has finally caught up with this and the X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST too is all over the place and may seem hard to pin for those first time viewers. Don’t try and don’t bother. There is way too much thrill and action compacted into this movie that it won’t really matter at all. The adamantium free Hugh Jackman, The walking James McAvoy and Fassbender with daddy issues are together for the first time and it’s frustrating that the there isn’t enough time for them all to standout within 130 minutes if action. As always being subtle was not Bryan Singers game in the first 02 movies and he does not hold back this round either. Going all out with his action sequences finally Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) gets better screen time and is strangely sexy doing her thing. It keeps getting better having to see Logan tone down and become a human centered person for the sake of the mission instead of being always pissed off and the cameo of Quicksilver indeed was a lovely inclusion and I hope to see more of him next time round. Yes there is a next time! (Watch the end credits)

Ok – I have said enough. This is a must watch 2014 blockbuster release. It’s the best out of the 5 and is awfully realistic in terms of the story line. It’s been 14 years and X-Men just got better!




RATING : 08/10