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How many GODZILLA movies has there been? I for one have no clue. Never have I watched one either to draw comparison. What did I feel about this beast unleashed on the wide screen? It’s plain and simple; it’s entertaining but it’s nothing out of the ordinary apart from the fact of the Monsters. It will be forgotten by the end of the summer but while you watch it, it’s not that bad.

There is nothing insane in this movie. Frankly to begin with I was quite disappointed when I saw the first monster on screen. Although not having ever watched any of the predecessors I did have an idea of what GODZILLA would look like and that monster most certainly was not it. It looked like a massive cockroach from the first MEN IN BLACK movie. But then I sat there with my jaws open as the CGI and VFX took over and the historical creature rose out of the water. I am impressed!

With the best possible team ever behind the scenes it’s an uncontested argument to say that visually we are in for a treat. Seamus McGarvey (AVENGERS ASSEMBLE – Cinematography), Jim Rygiel (LOTR, THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN – VFX), Owen Patterson (THE MATRIX TRILOGY – Production Supervisor) Alexander Desplat (ZERO DARK THIRTY – Composer) serves it out in A-List Hollywood fashion. You don’t need to know your movies to know the above titles. They are by far some of the most popular household names in Hollywood history. So hold on to your seats and get ready to be swept away with this visual extravaganza as everything you see is obliterated (literally).

As for the more core elements of the movie, the direction, the acting and the screenplay not much can be said. Let me start with the screenplay. Nothing is written in detail and no one is given enough room to grow intentionally. The focus as the title rightly says is on GODZILLA.  But still a bit more detail into the characters and plot could have made it more thrilling. Remember LAKE PLACID? I cannot take a jab at the acting since they were given didly squat to work with and Aaron Taylor Johnson who plays Ford does the best that he can with what he is given. As for the BREAKING BAD star Bryan Cranston I am certain the fans would have preferred for him to stay along (Spoiler Alert). Lastly Gareth Edwards who is new to the Directors chair does justice and gives you nothing but GODZILLA.

The thrill in GODZILLA is not what is taking place in front of you. It is the chaos and carnage that happens in the background. Not the common movie enthusiasts cup of tea. If you love seeing everything on screen destroyed make a date with this historic beast!




RATING: 06/10



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  1. My biggest issue with Godzilla was the human element. It worked for Gareth Edwards in Monsters (he isn’t new to the director’s chair), but that movie was a different beast and it was about the humans at the centre of the story. No matter what you say, Godzilla is about a prehistoric dinosaur going up against other prehistoric beasties, and that will always eclipse the humans. I cared a little at the start about Ford and his family, but once they’d been left behind for a while I forgot Elizabeth Olsen was even in the film and thus my interest in her character went the way of the rest of the MUTO’s.

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