Land of the Lost

    This is a move where you are truly…lost. Will Ferrell has his hits and misses this is a narrow miss, but not exactly a hit either. This movie won’t be Ferrell’s last stand, but it shows that he’s not that great in a movie not centered around him. (ie Anchorman, Talladega Nights). The movie wasn’t terrible, and it had its laughs, but it just was okay. Danny McBride was the film’s laugh-bearer, and SNL writer Jorma Taccone was interesting as Cha-ka, but Anna Friel got annoying. The film is in no way a family film, but a Jurassic Park meets Back to the Future meets Joe Dirtfarce. The plot is basically like the 70s show, with Cha-ka, Sleezestaks, and Grupy the T-Rex in tow, but has a lot more adult material, and way better effects.

    Brad Silberling (A Series of Unfortunate Events) should have left well enough alone, but had to follow in the new Hollywood pattern of remakes, sequels, and adaptations. Like I said, this movie isn’t terrible, but it isn’t a great comedy. It is remeniscient to last summer’s Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D but with more crude humor, and not a stupid. I don’t recommend this movie to those who enjoy a smart comedy, but for all Ferrel fans and fans of the old show, this is your buffet of film. Overall, a dumb, but not a laughless, farce.

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