Youth In Revolt

   Youth In Revolt starts out in Oakland as Nick(Micheal Cera) tells us about how bad his life is. Now seeing how Nick’s moms boyfriend scammed some sailors on a car deal they have decide to take a vacation to avoid the sailors so they head to some trailer park where Nick’s moms boyfriend claims his friend lent them a cabin. Well when they arrive they find out the cabin is really a small camper in a trailer park.

   On the first day at the trailer park nick meets Sheeni Saunders(Portia Doubleday) of course Nick the hopeless nerdy virgin is already attracted to her. But Sheeni lets him know after there first day at the beach together she has a french speaking boyfriend and that she would love to travel the world some day and visit France. In a foolish attempt to impress Sheeni, Nick makes up a fake girlfriend which Sheeni see’s right thru but lets Nick feel like he has impressed her.

   After Nick’s moms boyfriend throw’s out his back Nick has to return back home. He tells Sheeni and they hatch a plan to get Nick kicked out of his moms house and land his dad a job close to the trailer park so he can live with there with his dad and be close to Sheeni. So Nick hatches up a new personality Francois Dillinger, also played by (Micheal Cena), to help him be bad and rebel to find his way back to Sheeni. After he blows up a building his Mom decides to send him to live with his father. But to Nick’s surprise Sheeni’s parents over hear what happen to him and deciede to send Sheeni away to French School 200 miles away. Now after a visit to the school where Nick gets caught sleeping over where he thought for sure Sheeni would now be expelled but this didn’t happen. So Nick hatches a plan behind Sheeni’s back with one of her classmates to drug her with sleeping pills so she will get bad grades and be expelled.

    Youth In Revolt is full of humor and some great one liners. I didn’t know what to expect with this movie going into it and to say the least i was greatly surprised by this movie. I didn’t find one boring moment in the whole movie at all. I would have to say one of the better humor movies i’ve seen in quite some time. I would highly recommend this movie and I give it a 8 out of 10.

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