The story follows a newly married couple and the world’s worst dog in this comedy directed by David Frankel.  As a young pup, Marley gets adopted by John and Jenny Grogan (Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston).  John, a writer, starts writing columns about Marley and the adventures Marley brings.  As the years pass, John and Jenny start a family, move across the country, and realize just how important Marley is in their family. 

This film really revolves around Marley and John’s relationship.  Marley is literally the world’s worst dog, but with that comes a lot of comedy.  It is a light hearted story based on the autobiographical book by columnist John Grogan that will make you fall in love with Marley.

Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson did not deliver their best performances in this film, but the comedy in the story definitely made up for it.  This movie will keep you laughing and keep you wanting to see what crazy thing Marley will do next. 

This is definitely a movie the whole family will enjoy.  It really shows how pets are apart of the family.  I loved this movie so much and it’s one I will probably watch over and over and over again!