Hounddog (2007)

A young girl living in Alabama in the 1950s finds comfort in the music of Elvis Presley in this controversial drama starring Dakota Fanning.

Lewellen is a young girl who relies on the music of Elvis Presley to store her anger.  When she learns Elvis is performing in town, Lewellen puts her mind to do whatever it takes to get tickets.  Her best friend Buddy (Cody Hanford) finds a way to get tickets for the two of them.  But, it comes at a great cost to Lewellen.  When she meets Buddy to get her ticket, she finds herself in a room with a couple of older boys who bring nothing but trouble.

After a traumatizing experience, Lewellen starts to lose her passion and distances herself from her friends and from the music of Elvis.  With the help of a family friend, Charles (Afemo Omilami), Lewellen discovers just how powerful music really is.

The story was very dry overall… nothing exciting to keep your interest.  Dakota Fanning is a great young actress, but even she couldn’t keep my interest in this film.  I was interested to see what the controversy surrounding this film was about, but it really wasn’t a big deal.  After the scene that had so much hype around it, I asked myself, “That’s it?”  I don’t see why it was such a huge deal. 

This is one of those movies where if you see it OK.  If not, you’re not missing out on anything.

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