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X-men Origins: Wolverine

The fan favorite of the X-men finally gets his due, his own movie. The story takes place when Logan is living in the early 1800’s and comes into his mutant powers. He and his brother span the centuries fighting in the major wars of our time. When their mutant powers are discovered by the military in Vietnam, they are to be excuted. Which merely “tickles the brothers. They are approached by Stryker, a colonel to join the ranks of a secret military group of other mutants. After several years Logan leaves disgusted by the chaos the group is used for. He begins a normal life as a lumberjack living with a woman named Kayla. Stryker finds him and tells him the old team is being attacked and that 2 are dead. Logan refuses to help. Shortly thereafter, Logans brother attacks Kayla and kills her. In his grief he swears revenge and allows Stryker to used him in the adamantium experimentations.

Storyline wise this movie was a very nice setup for Wolverine for the X-men movies. Continuity wise, and mostly because Wolverine’s continuity changes constantly, it’s not a bad adaptation. I really enjoied watching Logan and Kayla’s relationship unfold. Kayla, by the way, is none other than Kayla Silverfox, another mutant unbeknowest to Logan. I really like the end where it shows several mutants from the X-men series that may show up in the later Origins movies. Quicksilver, Emma Frost and Gambit.

Once again Hugh Jackman plays a more emotional less animalistic Wolverine that is seen in the comics. He seems more human in my opinion and with more audience appeal. Taylor Kitsch while looks the part can’t really pull off the Gambit we all know and love. His “cajun” accent fades in and out and his dialog lacked a single French word, a very common trait of the cajun dialect. But I will admit, his fight scene with Logan was spectacular. I will admit I have a soft spot for Ryan Reynolds, and I have people who can vouch that before the movie was even made I had said the only person I wanted to play Deadpool was Ryan Reynolds. He didn’t disappoint. I was only disappointed on the allusion that Deadpool/Wade Wilson was, well I can’t spoil the movie for everyone can I? I am of the oppinion that we will see a Deadpool movie though. I can’t see Ryan Reynolds tuning down the role of the Flash (another perfect character for him) for a walk on of Wolverine. Rest of the cast did a pretty good job of character portrayal, looked just like Wraith from the comics.

As a 3-D animation student let me say the graphics of this movie were abysmal. Even to someone who has never even touched 3D Studio Max or Maya could see that. Wolverines claws looked out of place and overly chromatic. Emma Frost’s diamond skin looked perfectly in place, if she had been in Twilight (see my review!).   The green screen at the end of the film was little better than Jim Hensen’s Labryinth’s Fiery scene. And could they have caked more makeup on Patrick Stewart? Honestly, I know they were trying to make him look younger but all they accomplished was making him look like he had enough botox in him that would smooth out Charo’s face.

 Still the movie was worth the watch and the entertainment. I’m curious what the next one will feature. Make sure you stick around until the end of the credits for a special easter egg. 

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