The Watchmen

So normally I read a book or comic prior to a movie based on said paper edition and go see the movie so I know just in case if there are storyline plot holes I’m not out of the loop. I didn’t get the chance when it came to Watchmen, my group of friends took too long passing it around before I got my chance before the movie. I never have my hopes very high for any of this particular type of cross overs. I expect them to be bad. So the large group, who had read the comic and my self who had not, toted away to the midnight showing.

My first impression was a more sci fi Sin City, which I loved. There are only two characters that could be considered “Super Heroes” and people need to keep that in mind when they watch this movie. Only John aka Dr. Manhatten and Adrien aka Ozymandias have any type of super powers, the rest are just wierdos with silly costumes and personality disorders.

The story takes place in 1985, where the cold war is still in full swing and Nixon is president, for the 3rd term. Heroes have long since been outlawed as vigilantes. Only two have ever really come out with their secret identities. But now the world has little need for them, most have gone into retirement. Until the muder of The Comedian. Now the former Watchmen pick up their capes and try to solve the muder and uncover a much larger plot.

 Acting was very impressive. The whole cast seemed to be able to pull their respctive character right out of the comic panel. From Dr. Manhatten’s seeming aloofness to Rorschach’s final scene, the comic came alive. Now for those of you Watchmen comic fans out there, the ending was the only real major change and I myself was satisfied with it. After all, tenticle monsters take a good bite out of the budget.

This could be the best comic to film I seen to date. Few complaints and nothing but awe. A great movie for a mature audience. Please leave your children and giggling teenagers at home, this movie has a male full body shot and a sex scene.

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