Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Foreign,Mystery,Thrillers Crimson Rivers (Les rivieres poupres, 2000)

Crimson Rivers (Les rivieres poupres, 2000)

Another well script-written film, attributable, perhaps, to allowing the novelist (Jean-Christophe Grange) to adapt his own work, Crimson Rivers, under the able direction of Mathieu Kassovitz, has both setting, cast and depth of theme to be a foreign blockbuster. That it, as well, offers the viewer another inimitable performance by Jean Reno is simply icing on the cake. Only in slightly lesser degree the same can be said for the talented, Vincent Cassel (of, Eastern Promises fame.) These two police investigators converge at an interesting nexus, in their independent investigations of a trending series of flamboyant murders where the perp leaves more than just the calling card of a serial killer.

Set in the quaint French Alpine university community of a prestigious closed society academic environment, strange observations of Pierre Niemans (Jean Reno) concerning local practices begin to add up to the unthinkable. As the clues compound with each new murder, however, it becomes apparent the killing might just be to expose even greater evil.

The lovely Nadia Fares graces her role as Fanny Ferreira with a gifted performance. Fanny ironically manages avalanche control for the town and resort, but with physical abilities and other acumen growingly apparent as the storyline progresses. While cliff-climbing, it is she to find the first virtually crucified body.

Although some complexity is involved, the selection of scenes adds well to the storyline telling and the viewer is not too hard pressed to keep up. Of course, as with many mysteries penetrated by Jean Reno roles, the actor’s notions only become truly apparent in time, like that of Doyle’s, Sherlock Holmes.

No nudity, some foul language (violent scenes with skinheads)…but in French (always more suited…likely reason we employ the French, “commode” to usage, as the famed Lenny Bruce once observed. Well casted, excellent camera work and wonderful setting. Highly, highly recommended.

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