Role Models

    Now I had the pleasure of seeing this movie twice because its one that’s definitely worth watching.

    Role Models stars Paul Rudd, from Knocked Up and The 40 Year Old Virgin, and Seann William Scott, Stifler from the American Pie series. They both work for an energy drink company where they go around to different schools and teach kids that drugs are bad so they should try their energy drink instead. Rudd plays Danny, he’s a guy that basically hates everything and could care less about life. When Danny’s girlfriend, the lovely Elizabeth Banks, breaks up with him he goes on a rampage at one of the schools and ends up getting himself and Wheeler, Scott, 30 days of community service that they will spend at Sturdy Wings. Jane Lynch plays the “warden” at Sturdy Wings and assigns our two leads too some rather different kids. Danny gets put with Augie, Superbad’s Christopher Mintz-Plasse, while Wheeler gets put with Ronnie, the hilarious Bobb’e J. Thompson. Neither kid is exactly the perfect choice for either. Augie is into a certain role playing game, something like Dungeons & Dragons, so much that he wears a cape pretty much wherever he goes. Ronnie is a younger kid but has a much dirtier mouth. He is into anything that has to do with the ladies and certain lady parts in the chest area.

As the movie goes on Danny and Wheeler start to get attached to their kids and learn that there’s much more to life than partying and just hating on everything. In the end Role Models is one hilarious movie. Both Rudd and Scott have great chemistry between one another and both just have great screen presence. Not to mention Mintz-Plasse and Thompson shine on their own and are some real scene stealers. Overall a really funny movie with some great acting and plenty of laughs to go around.

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