Pineapple Express

Cast: Seth Rogen, James Franco, Danny R. McBride, Gary Cole, Rosie Perez, and Kevin Corrigan. Directed by David Gordon Green.

Written by: Seth Rogen

This film is about a Process Server named Dale (Rogen) from Knocked up and his drug dealer friend Saul (Franco) Spider-Man that become B.F.F.F.’s when Dale witnesses a client named Ted (Cole) and female cop (Perez) killing a man in cold blood. Dale is discovered and flees the scene leaving his Pineapple Express joint behind. He runs to Saul’s house and explains what happened. Saul panics because he buys his Pineapple Express from Red (McBride) who gets his Pineapple Express from Ted. Red double crosses Dale and Saul by telling Ted’s thugs where they are headed. Dale and Saul meet at Red’s house to try and gather information. Red double crosses them again and calls Ted’s thugs to come to his house. Dale and Saul carry out memorable, deranged, and senseless comical acts while running for their lives and ultimately end up right in the middle of Ted’s underground drug operation.

This film caught me off guard. I thought it would be just another stupid comedy with random moments and ideas put together. I saw Superbad which was also written by Seth Rogen  and Evan Goldberg and it wasn’t very enjoyable. To me it expressed vulgar sexual content that was a turn off from the start.  However, there were some very humorous  scenes and some talented new actors.

Despite not liking Superbad I remember Seth Rogen in the movie Knocked up. What a memorable performance from him. His facetious personality was hilarious! So I decided to give Pineapple Express a try and I’m glad I did! For me it was a new take on adventitious humor from actors like James Franco. His acting was incredible, the total opposite of his character in Spider-Man who was dark and serious. I look forward to seeing him in more comedies. It was also wonderful seeing Rosie Perez back on the screen. She was better then ever. Shes a strong actress, that can pretty much play any role and dominate it. The only negatives I have about this film were the children using profanity. Other then that I recommend this movie to anyone who needs a laugh! Rated R NOT recommend for children.

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  1. Thank you so much for the comment. I like the scene with him getting stab with a fork and him screaming like a girl.

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