pineapple express

This movie was probably a bigger hit with the young adult population because of the weed! A comedy to me should be just that, FUNNY. This movie had a few laughs, who doesn’t enjoy watching someone getting stabbed by a fork or smashed over the head with a bong?  Funny is the sitcom Two and a half men or Chevy Chase in Vacation or even Something about Mary. Thats comedy at its finest.The only people Pineapple Express was geared for is the pot heads and the old die hard stoners. They could sit there all fired up and relate to it happening in their own lives. I bet the area Sevs had snacks flying off the shelves when they got the munchies. I’ll give this movie one thumbs up for silly but a thumbs down for funny.

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  1. I recall this even getting nominated for a Golden Globe award for best supporting actor James Franco. I think even if you haven’t got high before, you can appreciate the high-octane blend of comedy and action. I enjoyed the hell out of this film!

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