Martin Lawrence(RJ Stevens)

Joy Bryant(Bianca Kittles)

Damani Roberts(Jamaal)

Mike Epps(Reggie)

Margaret Avery(Mama Jenkins)

James Earl Jones(Papa Jenkins)


Michael Clarke Duncan(Otis)

Cedric the Entertainer(Clyde)

Nicole Ari Parker(Lucinda)


Synopsis– Well this movie is about R.J Stevens a.k.a Roscoe Jenkins ( Martin Lawrence) who becomes a big time star in Hollywood after being away from home for almost nearly 9 years. Well the time has come for R.J (Martin Lawrence) to go back to his roots where all his childhood memories still linger throughout his mind. So R.J aka Roscoe Jenkins (Martin Lawrence), his son Jamaal (Damani Roberts) and fiance’ Bianca Kittles (Joy Bryant) all get on a plane to Georgia.  Its R.J’s (Martin Lawrence) parents Mama Jenkins (Margaret Avery) and Papa Jenkins (James Earl Jones) wedding anniversary and it is there that he sees his high school sweet heart Lucinda (Nicole Ari Parker), his cousin and sibling rival Clyde (Cedric The Entertainer), along with his sister Betty (Monique) and older brother Otis (Michael Clark Duncan) as well as his other cousin Reggie (Mike Epps). It is evident here at this wedding anniversary about why certain things had happened, why certain things are still happening, and what needs to change. 

                           Well before you think this is a another film with a bad review its not, its actually the opposite of that. I really liked this movie and when I seen it made me wonder how come it wasn’t big in the theater’s. Well i think that was mainly due to slack on promoting the movie but that’s a different story. But overall this was pretty decent comedy movie with stars like comedian Mike Epps, who will have you laughing at pretty much every scene he’s in and if he doesn’t make you laugh than I’m pretty Martin Lawrence, Monique, and the Original King of Comedy Cedric The Entertainer will. They really put a power house of comedians in a good film and i really think you should be the judge yourself it has a PG-13 rating. The plot of the movie was not all far fetched but relates to many people who find themselves in the same situations or just felt the way R.J (Martin Lawrence) did. I can on and on about good this movie is but in all honest just know that this is good funny movie you can watch with the entire family and enjoy it. And laugh at the predicaments that Martin Lawerence seem to get into but not only that its got a sort of a romantic comedy mixed in as well check it out i give this movie a thumbs up.

Well that’s my Opinion,