2 Days In Paris

“2 Days in Paris” stars Adam Goldberg and Julie Delpy. It’s also written and directed by Julie Delpy. This is her first film and was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for Best First Feature.

Jack (Adam Goldberg) is an interior designer who’s girlfriend, Marion (Julie Delpy) is a photographer. The couple spend two days in Paris with Marion’s hippy mother and disrespectful father. During his stay at Paris, Jack runs into people who unknowingly insult him, many of his girlfriend’s past boyfriends, and becomes exposed to disturbing food. All of this leads to Jack’s hatred for the city of Paris. This story tells that it’s not easy being in a relationship, much less to truly know the other one and accept them as who they are.

What makes this film so amazing is how the viewers become so engaged in Jack and Marion’s conversations. One of the conversations that really grabbed my attention was Jack’s theory called “Collective Dynamics of the Small World Network”. Adam Goldberg does a superb job at portraying a character who becomes very stressed out due to his girlfriend’s previous relationships. Taking on the task of acting, writing and directing the movie is a tough thing to do, yet Julie Delpy nails each department. This created a smart, off-beat romantic comedy.

That being said, this was a highly entertaining movie. The music was a sure fit for the film, giving it a more independent feeling. The story is what really makes this movie so great. Yes, “great” being an appropriate adjective here. A wonderful start to a hopefully successful career for Julie Delpy. The acting was convincing and the script is very intelligent. Some excruciatingly funny moments, most of which include Jack becoming agitated by the many men that flirt with his girlfriend.

I deeply recommend this Independent Spirit Award nominee, for it is truly a work of art. “2 Days in Paris” is dominated by superior performances and a kinky, oddball script that’s both intelligent and funny. There is a spectacular amount of heart put into this movie. Not to mention there is a huge amount of chemistry between Adam Goldberg and Julie Delpy that takes this film very far. Don’t neglect this movie. Instead, put it at the top of your list of movies to see.

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