Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Drama First Snow (2006I)

First Snow (2006I)

A movie that sports two exceptional performances by Guy Pearce, as Jimmy Starks, a super salesman coming to terms with his mortality and past; and the well established J. K. Simmons, as the prescient Vacaro, who provides the focal point through which this nexus in Starks’ life comes about. Superb directing (Mark Fergus) and screen writing (Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby) compliment these roles with a precision almost euphemistic to the predestination thesis entertained. Absolutely this movie suffers in no way from minimal budget outlay…might even be more entertaining as an example of “less being more”.

This is a movie illustrating a character delineation brought about in the most interesting and credible way such a thing can be imagined. Expressed perfectly by Vacaro, one admonition to Starks becomes an astounding climax to his own internal conflicts and leads to a denouement very touching and empathy-building for both him and viewers alike. The lovely Piper Perabo, as Deidre, offers Starks far more than he initially realizes (than a woman to make him feel younger) and which he realizes just in time to save losing her. The way in which this comes about and its reflection on the title, with other storyline elements, is brilliant.

Excellent supporting cast, intense in unpredictable ways because of the way in which its story is conceived and told, dramatic in the unfolding of events, and compelling to watch any gifted but badly distracted fellow human grow wise in an instant.

Graphic language, love scenes but little nudity, would be acceptable to most audiences.

A wonderful movie.


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