This film has a lot of problem, but the great performances of its stars still make it worth seeing at the theater. The twist wasn’t very predictable (It took me most of the movie to figure it out and I’m fairly good at figureing out the twist) and the script wasn’t very impressive. The direction was alright could have been better. There were some pretty funny moments and one liners though. The only thing that saves this movie from being just a sub-par thriller is De Niro and Pacino, both of whom put in great performances. I don’t belive that Curtis Jackson aka”50 cent” should have been in the movie, I would have like a better actor such as Sameul L. Jackson.The supporting actors do just fine, but are overshadowed. Considering the film makers, the movie was as could be expected decent. The screen time that the pair shares is significant and what I have been waiting for. Finally opinion De Niro and Pacino put on great performaces and make the movie worth seeing.