SYNOPSIS- This movie about two unlucky guys Durell (Ice Cube) and LeeJohn (Tracy Morgan) who hatch up a scheme to rob a church to get some quick money. In there attemp to rob the church someone beats to it and so they hold the occupents * Rickey (Katt Williams),  Sister Doris (Loretta Devine), Deacon (Micheal Beach) Tianna (Malinda Williams) Paster Arthur Mitchell (Chi McBride) Bernice Jenkins (Rickey Smiley)* of the church hostage until the culprit or culprits admit there guilt and give them the money so they can go about there way. But it turns out that the Deacon have been secertly stealing money from the church little by little. The Pastor’s daughter Tianna (Malinda Williams) have been onto his scheme and tries to get to the bottem of it. At the same time she starts to fall for Darell and gets close to him. Darnell and Leejohn starts warming up to the church people fixes there A.C and what not. Unaware of how long they been holding everyone captive at the church. The local cops after a first attempt to find out if evrything was alright, eventually get suspicious because the church was open real late at night which was unusual. So they bust in and catch Darell (Ice Cube) and LeeJohn (Tracy Morgan) at there court hearing the church people then stands up for Darnell and LeeJohn saying that they were not held captive and fill the script on the deacon. The pastor, Tianna, and the rest of the church people that were held hostage accuses him of embellziment, Fraud, money laundering. So they End up droping the charges against them and Darnell is then given a job at the church. While all this was going on the real reason behind him trying to get the money is so that he can be with his son. Darnell’s baby momma Omunique (Regina Hall) threatens to move to Atlanta if she doesnt get money to pay keep her hair shop. LeeJohn (Tracy Morgan) needs money to pay for some wheel chairs with rims that he lost or a jamaican crime boss is going to hurt him or kill him.

                            Well this im sorry to say this movie really sucked the trailers of the movie were funnier than the movie was and the only person actually funny was Katt Williams (Rickey) through the whole entire. What i think was they were trying to hard, the jokes didnt seem natural they seem acted out like reading it straight from the script. Where was the improv at, that originality, im sure that would’ve helped out alot because the writers im sorry to say didnt deliver. I mean they built up so much hype and i was looking forward to seeing the moive and i wanted to know if it would measure up to the very first “Friday”. But all i got was disappointment the acting was decent but the comedy wasnt comedy at all, what was really comedy was the fact that they would consider this a comedy it was like a drama something boring and vaguely entertaining. I even wonder how did i sit through the movie than i remember waking up, wiping the slobber from my mouth, turning the movie off and going to bed. Unfortunatly i had watched it again thinking that i was just tired no the movie was just that boring. I mean i can give examples but the whole movie is an example of how desperate the movie industry is getting to make movie now a days like Norbit, The Love Guru, and You Dont Mess With The Zohan. Those movies were all stupid to ME and most likely expect my review about but anyway. Ice Cube i had expected better from him with his semi perfect comedy record and now this movie is the catergory of worst movies ever made damn. He need to get it together and take his time making a script and making sure its naturally funny not forced but make it seem like something we would do that people would actually laugh at like tripping over or falling or something like that so you can get a chuckle or 2 in. Than do that throughout the whole entire and Wow itll turn out to be a comedy baby steps can go a long way to making a true comey.

*P.S* im not a bad guy because i write about movie that are horrible, you can think of me as a fortune teller in a sense because while your out and  about at your local Blockbuster or whatever and looking for a good to watch.You can read my reviews about what movies not to rent and watch, i sat through the movie so you woulndt have to. But hey you dont have to take my word for it you can take that chance if you want to, im just trying to help you out before you get all comfy and pop your popcorn and get warm and cozy than watch a terrible movie than be pissed off that you wasted your on it. im just looking out for you when i see a horrible ill you guys and girls or women know ahead of time.

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