Anyone who has seen a Will Ferrell movie has grown to expect certain things.  Sexual innuendos, physical antics, and a lot of jokes that were probably written by middle schoolers.  If that’s your cup of tea, more power to you.  Other people, however, just expect him to go the way of Adam Sandler.

I was one of those people before, but “Stranger than Fiction” has thoroughly renewed my faith in this man’s acting.  Ferrell plays IRS agent Harold Crick, who starts hearing a voice in his head.  The voice narrates his life, telling him everything from his morning routine, to his thoughts throughout the day, and ultimately, predicts his death.  Now, desperate to keep living, Crick begins a journey to find out who is pulling the strings of fate in his life.

Aside from the completely original concept, excellent soundtrack, captivating plot, and phenomenal ending, the film’s cast is also quite stellar.  Opposite Ferrell is Maggie Gyllenhaal, playing baker Anna Pascal.  The two are so vastly different on screen that, creating amazing chemistry.

Providing that Ferrell puts his focus primarily on acting and allows others to do the writing, he could have many great years in Hollywood.  I would recommend this movie to anybody, bar none.